The Holy Day of Shavuot

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Tonight begins the Holy Day of Shavuot. In Christianity this is called the Pentecost. In Jewish tradition, this is the day we receive the Torah. I use the word receive because we never stop receiving the Words/Teachings of God. We stay up all night to study and repair our inner selves so that we can be open to hearing the Teachings of Wisdom and Truth from The Holy Infinite One.

How this translates for me is I have to stay open to teachings and learnings from God and those around me so that I am constantly and consistently growing and maturing into the Being I was created to be. I am never finished, always a work in progress.

Faith Works! This has been proven scientifically as well as anecdotally. My faith is not the only faith, but it is the one that works for me in my life that helps me grow one grain of sand better each day. I invite you to experience faith with me and my community, other Clergy and their community and/or with yourself and your community. This year let us all receive Torah-God’s Teachings-openly and allow ourselves to heal the splits within us and between us. Happy Learning, Happy Openness Day!

Rabbi Mark

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